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Amazon Brand Protection Report 2021

Good and exciting news from Amazon: This week, the online marketplace published its Brand Protection Report for the past year 2021. We have taken a look and briefly summarised the key facts.

πŸ”‘ Last year, Amazon’s team was able to prevent the creation of over 2.5 million “fraudulent sales accounts”. Particularly interesting: The year before (2020), this was still 6 million. Amazon justifies this decline with the great efforts of the previous year to bring them to account.

πŸ”‘ Amazon offers brands various options for brand protection through a “Brand Registry”. While participation in this programme has increased by 40 % compared to the previous year (now over 700,000 trademarks), the trademark infringements filed there have decreased by 25 %.

πŸ”‘ Consumers will be particularly pleased with the following news: In 2021, Amazon took a whopping 3 million counterfeit products out of circulation. These included goods from counterfeiters who wanted to use the Amzon service “Fulfilment by Amazon”.

Incidentally, last year Amazon not only confiscated and destroyed the goods of the fraudulent traders, but also took legal action against some of them.

πŸ‘‰ You can find the entire press release with further exciting insights via the button

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