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Dissatisfaction of the German workforce

Dissatisfaction of the German workforce

Burnout, fear of the future and the emergence of a “wave of resignations” – these are aspects that are becoming increasingly present in the lives of German workers.
Even though the Corona pandemic brought new work options such as home office, hybrid working and workation, the hoped-for increase in satisfaction fell by the wayside. But why? The results of the Slack Future Forum study show that 55% of all respondents are dissatisfied with their jobs and are looking to change jobs in the next twelve months.

Rising risk of burnout
🤕 According to 86% of the respondents, a lack of flexibility and the rising burnout rate are the main reasons for the impending wave of resignations. The figure for study participants affected by burnout rose by five percent in the last six months and now stands at 35%.

Job dissatisfaction also among managers
❌ 40% of employers also complain about fears for the future and stress that their management guidelines have been severely restricted, especially in pandemic times. In addition, they would increasingly have to cope with resistance from employees and values of their work-life balance would also deteriorate.

Different expectations
💭 Compared to employers, employees are three times more likely to imagine working from a home office. At the same time, only 14% could imagine doing all their work in the office again.

How do you handle the working arrangements in your company? Hybrid? Home office? Or a complete return to the office? 🧑‍💻 Feel free to leave a comment!

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